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1973 -- After missing the cut at the Florida Citrus Open at Rio Pinar C.C. near Orlando, Palmer, his father, and some friends pull their Cadillac in between the pick ups at a rough bar where day laborers come to drink, cool off and shoot pool. Palmer put his name in line to play pool and was soon on the table. "There was one little guy who was really tough. He didn't know who Arnold Palmer was and he didn't give a crap. My father and others just watched as I beat this one little guy. Well, I got hot and beat the whole line of guys. We're playing for beers and now I have a whole row of beers lined up. Now that one little guy's turn comes up again and I beat him again. We'd all been there about two hours by this time and had plenty of beer. The little guy walks over pretty deliberately and jams his cue stick to the floor. I figure now I may have to beat him in a fight. But he kinda puts his arm around me and says, 'Hey, you can wear my shoes any time!' To me, it's the greatest compliment in the world. To gain the respect of someone like that is a challenge that many people will never understand."
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Statement from Arnold Palmer on the Passing of Billy Casper

"Billy was one of the true gentlemen of the game and a great competitor. He was a better player than most people gave him credit for being and is going to be sorely missed in the golf world. My deepest sympathies go out to Shirley and the family."


Statement from Arnold Palmer

"Charlie Sifford was a great guy. From the day I started winning tournaments, Charlie was on "my team" and a great friend of mine. But, above all, he was a very good player. His record shows it. It's sad to know he's gone."



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